Q&A - 60 Seconds with Menna

Describe Jen in 6 words or less! She's practically perfect in every way! ​

What makes Jen a Great guide? Jen is my best friend. She has always got my back and I have complete faith in her to be my eyes. I always have fun with her and no matter if we win or lose we always find a reason to celebrate. She also has the amazing ability to motivate and inspire me to keep going no matter which bones are sticking out! She helps me find my inner tiger....Roarrrrrrrr!!

Why do you think your partnership works? We are two skis in a set !!!!! She is the goggles to my helmet!!! Too cheesy?!? We have bonded over a singular goal, along with our love of tea and Disney. We both live our lives with the aim to get to South Korea in 2018 to represent Paralympics GB. We both completely rely on each other and practically act as a single athlete with a shared mind set, which makes taking decisions and acting quickly in racing situations easy. ​

What is the focus for team "Menna & Jen" at the moment? Our focus is continue to improve and build on our strengths, and improve on our weaknesses so we are prepared for the Paralympics in South Korea in 6 month's time.

What is Jen's favourite Disney song? I would probably say "A Whole New World", from Aladdin..... she sings it a lot!!

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Menna Fitzpatrick & Jennifer Kehoe

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