Q&A - 60 Seconds with Jen

Describe Menna in 6 words or less! Spectacularly speedy skiing superstar!

What makes Menna a Great competitor?

Menna's attitude is awesome. The past 18 months have been a steep learning curve and she worked really hard on and off-snow, particularly coming back from her injury. She is very determined! Menna is the perfect team mate because she understands implicitly that we have to work together to succeed, and she is not afraid to try something, particularly if there is a chance it will help us go faster.

Why do you think your partnership works?

We are really good friends; we have a lot of fun and laughs, whatever the weather! We respect and trust each other, and have a mutual love of Disney and going very fast downhill on two planks of wood!

What is the focus for team "Menna and Jen" at the moment?

To build up our team and individual skiing abilities so that we are ready to race at the Paralympics. Every training or race day is about refining something in our performance, taking us one step closer to making our friends, family and country proud by being selected to compete at the Paralympics, and hopefully winning a medal.

What is Menna's favourite Disney character?

Honestly, I'm not sure she has a favourite character, but her favourite film is probably the Lion King... We both love singing Hakuna Matata!!

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